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Temperature Checking Systems

Smart Access Kiosk with 2-Foot Stand / ADA Compliant

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The Smart Access Kiosk with a 2-foot Stand is a body temperature scanner with face recognition. It offers quick and accurate temperature readings to s..


Thermal Security Camera

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The HealthGuard Technology Thermal Security Camera is designed for surveillance, identification of people’s faces, and detecting fever-like symptoms i..


The COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve worldwide and remains a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). Governments all over the world are making every effort to prepare for additional cases and respond to the possible spread of the disease.

In an effort to abolish the risk of COVID-19 transmission and increase people’s confidence, authorities and business owners use infrared thermography devices to provide consistent temperature monitoring. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one of the most common symptoms of Coronavirus is elevated body temperature. Although there are asymptomatic cases, the majority of infected individuals do develop a fever.

Therefore, installing smart temperature checking systems at entrances, checkpoints, and other high-traffic areas is essential. Such systems detect individuals with higher temperatures and ensure that no one with a fever unknowingly exposes other people inside the facility to the virus. While other methods that help prevent spreading of COVID-19 (e.g., virus-specific testing) are expensive and not easily accessible, temperature checking devices provide a reliable and affordable alternative.

How Schools Can Protect Kids From Covid-19

We’re all eager to get back to work and school. But not everyone agrees how to reopen schools safely. The U.S. government hasn’t provided a unified, national approach to reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission in schools, so teachers have had to create their own safety standards. Here are some steps that should be taken in each school to create a safer environment for children and teachers.

  • All students and employees must have their temperature checked at the entrance to prohibit individuals with fever from coming in and exposing other people to the risk of contamination. Each step that follows depends on this. A smart temperature checking system will provide fast and accurate monitoring and help to keep sick teachers and kids at home.
  • Children should be divided into small groups (10-12 kids in each group). Such a step limits contacts in high-traffic areas and makes distancing possible.
  • Children and teachers have to wear masks. Masking prevents diseased individuals from transmitting the virus and protects healthy people from catching it.
  • Kids and teachers have to wash and sanitize hands as often as possible.

How Businesses Can Protect Their Customers And Employees From COVID-19

To reopen their businesses with confidence, employers must find efficient methods to protect their employees, clients, and visitors from COVID-19 contamination. Authorities and public health experts encourage business owners to utilize various modern technologies to curb the spread of Coronavirus and keep people safe. All high-traffic facilities, including offices, enterprises, and other public places, have to provide continuous temperature monitoring in workers and visitors.

Regardless of how many people enter the office each day, nothing will work better than intelligent thermography devices since they are engineered to operate in high-traffic areas. Due to such efficient monitoring, there won’t be any discomfort for employees and visitors (no complicated procedures or long queues). Additionally, each smart temperature checking device can allow/disallow people based on their health condition. In this way, business owners secure their employees, clients, and partners from the deadly virus. Here are some essential steps to take to protect people in a business facility:

  • Practicing good hygiene in the office
  • Providing conditions for social distancing
  • Wearing masks
  • Promoting regular handwash and hand sanitizing
  • Installing anti-virus machines such as smart sanitizing hubs in the common areas.

Capabilities Of Smart Temperature Checking Systems

Today’s market offers countless options to check body temperature, making it challenging to choose the best equipment. We’ve selected medicine thermography devices suitable for such high-traffic areas as schools and business facilities.

Walk-through metal detectors with face recognition

thermal metal detector with face recognition is a 3-in-1 solution that checks for metal, monitors people’s body temperature, and permits entry to verified individuals only.

Smart kiosks

These mobile thermography devices come in various forms and are customizable. They can be wall-mounted, desktop-mounted or placed on a stand (different heights available). A smart kiosk can be used as both a temperature monitoring device and an employee-tracking tool thanks to facial recognition features.

Smart sanitizing hubs

Smart sanitizing hubs - These versatile devices are designed to provide maximum safety in schools and offices. They come with built-in facial recognition, a temperature measuring gauge, and hand sanitizer.

Thermal cameras

Thermal cameras - These unique devices combine two essential functions: surveillance and temperature monitoring. It’s best to use these cameras in high-traffic areas for mass screenings. Below are some primary features of our thermal cameras:

  • All mentioned above devices can be integrated into your existing security system. They can be installed at entrances, checkpoints, waiting areas, hallways, and workspaces.
  • These smart temperature checking devices are reliable - the readings are as accurate as +/-1C.
  • They work quickly - the scanning process takes only a few seconds.
  • Whether you choose mobile thermography devices or wired ones, they’ll be still fully automated and contactless, which means no hazard of cross-contamination.
  • Premium-quality thermal cameras monitor the temperature of each pixel captured.
  • Some devices have a scan distance of up to 30 feet.
  • All devices send digital notifications when someone with an elevated temperature is detected.
  • Smart kiosks, smart sanitizing hubs, and thermal metal detectors have a facial-recognition tool to identify individuals and only allow entry to registered personnel.
  • Temperature ranges can be easily customized by the user.
  • Each device features a powerful software portal designed in the United States and can be paired with mobile applications.

School leaders and business owners can’t go wrong with any of the above temperature checking systems. They all reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission and increase confidence among employees, parents, and children. Temperature checking devices are the right investment in today’s unpredictable times.