Smart Sanitizing Hub / ADA Compliant

Smart Sanitizing Hub / ADA Compliant

Smart Sanitizing Hub / ADA Compliant

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The Healthguard Technology Smart Sanitizing Hub is an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with face recognition and thermal scan. It offers temperature screening along with hand sanitizing to everyone who enters the office. The face recognition tool is capable of allowing/disallowing entry and produces additional notifications if a repeat person is identified as having fever-like symptoms.

Screen everyone entering your building and stop the spread of pathogens by offering hand sanitizer as they are screened. This walk-up kiosk can be placed in lobbies, entrances, hallways, or aisles to screen visitors or to allow visitors to check themselves. The device also offers face recognition capabilities, which can be used to create additional alerts if a repeat visitor such as an employee or vendor is identified as having a potential fever. Individuals with an elevated body temperature will be alerted and the device will notify your personnel so you may react accordingly. This device is eligible for integration to the HealthGuard Safety Portal and custom integrations to your existing systems (additional charges apply).


  • The smart sanitizing hub features a non-contact hand sanitizer that can be used while an individual is being monitored.
  • The dispenser is suitable for various sanitizing solutions.
  • The device supports DC power and battery.
  • More than 30.000 pushes can be done for one battery charge.
  • This smart sanitizing hub uses innovative infrared thermal imaging technology and has 2 million hardware wide dynamic.
  • It exploits an 8" HD touch screen.
  • The device identifies a face from up to 1.6 feet.
  • It’s capable of recognizing a face even if an individual is wearing a mask.
  • The accuracy of temperature reading is +/-0.5°F.
  • Temperature thresholds are easy to set up.
  • The device creates a voice alarm and sends notifications to the designated personnel when an individual with elevated temperature is identified.
  • Face verification and temperature monitoring are quick and accurate. Therefore, the entire procedure takes less than a second.
  • Temperature detection data can be formed into a table with a storage capacity of 20.000 cards.
  • The smart sanitizing hub can be connected to the door-opening control system. Thus, it realizes the 3-in-1 function: facial scanning, temperature control, access control.
  • It makes the procedure quicker and reduces queues.
  • There is no need in installation, just plug it in.

Usage Scenarios

Smart sanitizing hubs perform ideally at the main entrances and checkpoints of the high-traffic venues, such as government halls, offices, banks, schools, hospitals, malls, hotels, and public transport terminals. They also should be placed in the waiting areas, receptions, lobbies, aisles so that people can check themselves and sanitize their hands.

Create a safer environment for yourself, your employees, partners, and customers with this smart sanitizing hub!

Camera Resolution 2 million hardware wide dynamic
Communication Mode Wired/wireless network
Face Recognition Distance 0.66-1.64 ft. (0.2m~0.5m)
Face Verification Accuracy ≥99%
Field of View 33°x33°
GPU Mail-T764
Input Power AC220V/110V compatible
Max Infrared Image Size ≥320*240.0.5m; Error of±0.3°
Measuring Range 86°F~113°F (30°C~45°C)
Operating System Android Standard
Pixel Interval 12um
Ports DC*1, RJ45*1, USB*2(OTG*1), HDMI*1, TF SD slot*1/audio*1
Processor Quad core RK3288 ARM-A17 1.8GH
Screen 8" IPS
Storage Capacity 20,000 cards, 10W event records
Work Environment Indoor
Working Humidity <90%RH
Working Temperature 50°F~95°F (10°C~35°C)

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