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Body Temperature Measurement Devices

Smart Access Kiosk (comes w/Desktop Mount) / ADA Compliant

$799 Ex Tax: $799

A smart body temperature scanner with facial recognition and built-in notification system, the HealthGuard Technology Smart Access Kiosk provides safe..


Smart Access Kiosk (comes w/Wall Mount) / ADA Compliant

$749 Ex Tax: $749

The HealthGuard Technology Smart Access Kiosk is a body temperature reader with face recognition. It features a multi-use mounting system with desk st..


Smart Access Kiosk with 2-Foot Stand / ADA Compliant

$899 Ex Tax: $899

The Smart Access Kiosk with a 2-foot Stand is a body temperature scanner with face recognition. It offers quick and accurate temperature readings to s..


Smart Access Kiosk with 4-Foot Stand / ADA Compliant

$899 Ex Tax: $899

The HealthGuard Technology Smart Access Kiosk is engineered to scan body temperature, identify an individual’s face, and allow/disallow entry to emplo..


Smart Sanitizing Hub / ADA Compliant

$999 Ex Tax: $999

The Healthguard Technology Smart Sanitizing Hub is an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with face recognition and thermal scan. It offers temperature..


COVID-19 has had lasting effects on this world in more ways than one. However, one of the most lasting effects has been on businesses and the economy. Operationally, one of the biggest impacts on the world’s workforce has been the inability to continue paying a full team of staff, or keeping the team on full time, as many hours were cut to part time or even worse. This also impacted a company’s ability to deliver products and services.

While many businesses shifted to working from home, lots of people can’t properly do their job from home. As businesses transition back to in-office workdays, many have used this opportunity to adjust roles or teams, or even to introduce new products. Unfortunately, some business owners have seen sales increasingly slow as the pandemic rages on, and others were forced to shut down all together.

Types of Smart Body Temperature Measurement Devices

As the global race to reopen businesses is upon us, many business owners are looking for ways to keep their employees, customers, and community confident and safe when they walk into an establishment. Aside from wearing masks to stop the spread of pathogens, many have turned to scanning the skin to measure for increased body temperature. Many have chosen to use non-invasive body temperature measurement devices as their entrance as their choice of detectors. These include devices like Infrared Scanners, Thermal Cameras, Smart Kiosks, and Smart Sanitizing Hubs.

  • An infrared scanner is a non-invasive, no radiation laser device that is a low-cost option. Infrared thermometers measure the surface temperature of one spot from a closer distance.
  • Thermal cameras have a higher price range but can provide more detailed and accurate information. The data provided by a thermal camera can give thousands of temperature readings of a larger surface at one time, making these thermal body temperature measurement sensors convenient to have at the entrance of a business.
  • Two other helpful devices are Smart Kiosks and Smart Sanitizing Hubs, both of these are human body temperature measurement devices that have multiple features to help battle the spread of a virus.

A Smart Kiosk can be stationary or wall-mounted and will automatically detect an individual as they approach the screen. This device will capture their image and their body temperature simultaneously. Once this smart imaging device captures a person’s image, it will be stored and compared with others to identify the person as a repeat visitor, such as an employee or vendor. You can set your device to alert if a mask is detected or not and if an elevated body temperature is detected, an alarm will sound so your team can react accordingly. A Smart Sanitizing Hub has similar features to the Smart Kiosk, but additionally offers hand sanitizers to users. All of these features will help aid in the fight against spreading Covid-19.


The best part of these body temperature measurement devices is that they have integrations that fit perfectly into our digital world. Many of our body temperature measurement devices are compatible with a mobile app, so you can keep your software connection completely wireless. We also offer temperature devices that can be incorporated directly into your access control system—so not only would you be able to detect the presence of metal, you can also use the smart facial recognition technology to identify verified personnel while taking their temperature. The most important feature on these devices is the ability to receive instant notifications when a problem is detected. Whether that’s an unauthorized visitor, an elevated temperature, or the absence of a mask, you’ll know right away.

Benefits of smart body temperature measurement devices

Many features of a smart body temperature thermal measurement device are imperative in protecting employees and customers from the potential spread of the Coronavirus—features that aren’t available with an infrared thermometer gun. It’s important to weigh all options when shopping for a temperature device, because every business has different needs. Maybe you’re already using an infrared thermometer gun, but it’s probably not the most efficient device. For one, it requires another person to take each reading. This means you’re either paying an extra person to do this job or taking time away from another employee while they take temperatures.

Another issue with thermometer guns is the potential for crowds to form. If your business is regularly crowded and only one person is taking temperatures, a line can quickly form, putting your customers in a dangerous situation where they can’t social distance. To prevent this, business owners can purchase a smart body temperature measurement device, and while they may be pricy, they generally don’t have additional costs down the line. They’re also much more accurate and come with additional features like facial recognition and hand sanitizer, so business owners can show their employees and customers that they’re investing in their safety during this pandemic.