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Temperature Kiosks

Smart Access Kiosk (comes w/Desktop Mount) / ADA Compliant

$799 Ex Tax: $799

A smart body temperature scanner with facial recognition and built-in notification system, the HealthGuard Technology Smart Access Kiosk provides safe..


Smart Access Kiosk (comes w/Wall Mount) / ADA Compliant

$749 Ex Tax: $749

The HealthGuard Technology Smart Access Kiosk is a body temperature reader with face recognition. It features a multi-use mounting system with desk st..


Smart Access Kiosk with 2-Foot Stand / ADA Compliant

$899 Ex Tax: $899

The Smart Access Kiosk with a 2-foot Stand is a body temperature scanner with face recognition. It offers quick and accurate temperature readings to s..


Smart Access Kiosk with 4-Foot Stand / ADA Compliant

$899 Ex Tax: $899

The HealthGuard Technology Smart Access Kiosk is engineered to scan body temperature, identify an individual’s face, and allow/disallow entry to emplo..


Smart Sanitizing Hub / ADA Compliant

$999 Ex Tax: $999

The Healthguard Technology Smart Sanitizing Hub is an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with face recognition and thermal scan. It offers temperature..


What are temperature screening kiosks? These days, it’s crucial for businesses to have an effective temperature taking method at their point of entry. Temperature screening kiosks are hands-free, non-contact temperature reading devices that make tracking employee and customer temperatures simple. Don’t rely on time-consuming temperature reader guns to get the job done. Let a temperature check kiosk do all the work for you while protecting your employees, customers, and visitors from the spread of COVID-19.

How do temperature kiosks work?

Temperature screening kiosks are an incredibly useful and reliable investment. If you have one main entrance, set your device up there. If you have a few different entrances, it’s important to have temperature verification kiosks wherever there’s a consistent flow of traffic. Once installed, it’s easy for everyone to quickly and accurately check their temperature before they enter your building. A person briefly stops in front of the kiosk, the system detects their presence, and scans their temperature, allowing or denying entry based on the results. If an elevated body temperature is measured, employees will receive an alert immediately notifying them so they can react accordingly. The whole process takes only seconds, so you can keep traffic moving and feel confident that everyone in your facility is healthy.


The benefits of temperature screening kiosks are vast. Not only are these devices important to the health of your business, employees, and customers—they’re also vital to the health of society as a whole. As we know, a fever is one of the first signs of COVID-19, so regular temperature checks are the best way to ensure we’re all doing our part in slowing the spread. With a device at the entrance of your business, everyone entering, from employees to customers and visitors, will feel good about the environment they’re walking into. Another huge benefit to having temperature screening kiosks at your business is an obvious but important one: the ability to keep your business open safely during the pandemic. While there’s risk associated with going just about anywhere these days, having the tools to decrease that risk will set you ahead. By taking the temperature of everyone who enters your facility, you’re decreasing the likelihood of anyone getting infected at your business.

HealthGuard Safety Portal - kiosk software

All HealthGuard temperature screening kiosks come equipped with our Safety Portal kiosk software. The software is a web-based application that lets you manage all of your HealthGuard devices conveniently in one place. Monitor temperature checks in real time, receive notifications if an elevated temperature is detected, and manage users right from your computer.

Safety Portal features

The Safety Portal is equipped with all the features you need to view temperature information, add and delete users, and manage locations. The Portal makes managing your devices simple with our web-based software. Access your account from your Android or iPhone, tablet, or laptop. Whether you have multiple devices across a few different locations, or just a couple devices at one office, you can check the readings and manage data on all devices right from your online account. It’s easy to check your devices whenever you need to with information at your fingertips. Read on for more information about what the Safety Portal can do.


Conveniently view every scan that’s been taken at your organization. Sort the list by a specific date range and export the full list as an excel sheet. All information is organized in columns, so it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Check if a high temperature, mask or hat was detected, view the exact temperature scanned along with the photo taken, and see the exact date and time an image was captured, plus even more!


Manage, edit, and view your entire list of saved users/employees here. Add or remove a user from the portal at any time and changes will appear instantly. Click on any user in the list and edit their capabilities, link them to a specific location, and see their entire history all within the portal. Add as many details as you’d like to each profile including name, phone number, office address, email, position, and photo.


View and manage all office locations and receive alerts for any or all locations, so you can always be updated on activity at any sites.


Add and manage each of your devices in this section of the portal. It’s easy to add new devices with the unique Serial Number. Once your device is recognized, you can add a name and location to it.


Receive alerts when anything unusual is detected. When a high temperature is found, you’ll be notified immediately so you can take action. Alerts are texted and emailed to all locations on file. Any employee linked to the location will also receive the direct notification.

Suitable Industries

Our temperature screening kiosks are a great investment for a variety of industries. Whether you’re working in a corporate office, school, airport, or local shop or restaurant, it’s important to keep everyone who enters safe by checking temperatures. See below for more information on how our product works for your specific business.


Across the country, schools are working hard to figure out how to safely manage in-person classes. For some students and teachers, remote or hybrid learning works. But for many, the absence or personal, one-on-one instruction is lacking. In order to get everyone back in the classroom, serious safety measures need to be developed. Temperature screening kiosks are a great option for schools, since hundreds of students, teachers, and employees are in and out of the building on any given day. A hands-free, non-contact temperature reader is the best way to ensure everyone is healthy and safe each day. If an elevated temperature is detected, then that person won’t be permitted to enter the building that day. This puts students, teachers, staff, and parents at ease that schools are still a safe environment.


Although travel has slowed during the pandemic, there’s still plenty of foot traffic in and out of airports every day. As people still need to travel for different reasons, it’s important to give them peace of mind that they’re entering a clean, safe environment. This goes beyond extra sanitation and masks mandates. Airports should invest in a temperature reader to ensure no one with a fever enters the facility. A temperature scanning kiosk is a self-servicing device that quickly and accurately takes the temperature of everyone entering the airport. Having a body temperature kiosk for airports will make both travellers and employees feel safe, and in turn, will make travelling a more pleasant experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Despite the popularity of online shopping, retailers are still a highly-trafficked area, even during these times. While customers shop, sometimes in tight quarters with one another, it’s a good idea to have a temperature kiosk at your store entrance to ensure all who enter are healthy. With the threat of “non-essential” businesses being shut down as cases continue to rise, it’s crucial to show that your business is doing everything possible to slow and prevent the spread within your own business. Purchasing a body temperature kiosk is a great option for retailers to ensure that everyone in your store or restaurant is healthy.


Whether your office is big or small, it’s a good idea to have a temperature taking kiosk at the entrance of your building. Your employees will feel good about coming in to work every day when they know that both they and their colleagues are healthy. Plus, you can even use it as a clock-in method, if desired. Temperature scanner kiosks for offices are reliable, hand-free, and accurate.


Hospitals are a high-risk environment during the pandemic. This is unavoidable, since sick patients are constantly in and out of the building, and employees are also in and out every day. While masks and other precautionary measures are taken, it’s important to also conduct regular temperature checks of all employees and patients as they enter the building. Having a kiosk temperature scanner for hospitals at all entrances is important in slowing the spread of COVID-19.


Do temperature screening kiosks work with face masks and hats?

Yes, the devices can still take a person’s temperature with a face mask or hat on.

Does it also work as a facial recognition device?

Yes, the devices work as both a temperature reader and a facial recognition device, if desired.

Can I view the temperature measurements from a mobile device?

Yes. With our HealthGuard Safety Portal, you can see every temperature taken including footage of the person scanned. You’ll be immediately notified if anyone with an elevated temperature is detected.

Are floor stands adjustable?

Floor stands are not adjustable, however, we have 2-foot, 4-foot, and wall-mounted versions available.

How accurate are body temperature kiosk devices?

Our temperature readers have excellent accuracy. Temperature reads are +/-0.5°F and temperatures are read in seconds. For more information on our temperature screening kiosks, contact our experts today and schedule a demo.