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As COVID-19 keeps evolving without a cure, everyone is adjusting to new and uncertain conditions. As we navigate these new challenges, businesses are finding that having smart body temperature systems, like security cameras with temperature sensors, will help combat the virus and create a lower-risk environment. Read on to discover science-based facts about the advantages of these devices!

Why Using Temperature Cameras Is Important For Businesses

While temperature cameras can’t detect infections or viruses, they accurately recognize elevated body temperatures—the first sign of a potential illness. These devices have a long history of use in various public places and high traffic areas, like airports, terminals, museums, concerts, etc. They have proven to be highly useful in detecting fever-like symptoms.

As businesses reopen, a further COVID-19 outbreak remains a major concern among officials. Business owners and government authorities are looking for ways to slow down and stop the spread of the virus—and using temperature screening cameras is an effective way to get started. 

Temperature monitoring cameras can be integrated at entrances, waiting areas, etc. to check employees and visitors. When a person walks past a temperature sensor camera, they’re quickly scanned. If the temperature is elevated, a thermographer will be notified, and the person may be selected for further screening and denied entry to the building.

Business owners benefit from using these systems, because healthy workers are the most valuable resource—and when they feel secure, they work productively. Many offices and businesses have already been using body heat sensor cameras as part of their temperature checking measures for employees and customers. In doing so, they’re committing to reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Accuracy Factors

When installing a body heat camera, you should know that several factors influence the accuracy of the readout. These factors must be considered to get the best results from the device. The temperature and readouts can be significantly impacted by:

  • Camera resolution
  • Distance to target
  • The focus of the camera temperature sensor
  • Speed of measurements.

It’s always best to choose an automated infrared temperature camera with a high thermal pixel resolution to avoid some of the above factors. Additionally, a built-in reference emitter can make temperature readings far more precise. Plus, premium-quality thermal cameras have an integrated screening mode created to streamlines elevated temperature applications. 

Benefits of Wall-mounted Temperature Cameras

Although thermal temperature cameras are pricy, many business owners consider them a good investment since they’re an easy and effective way to track people’s temperatures during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is due to people’s skin temperature having to be continuously controlled to hinder the spread of Coronavirus.

Wall-mounted temperature cameras have plenty of advantages, let’s see them below!

  • A body heat detector features real-time identification of fever-like symptoms.
  • It can store images and data.
  • IP camera with a temperature sensor (the one which is connected to the Internet) has software that will analyze and compare the records against predetermined parameters.
  • The parameters are easy to set up
  • The system will send instant visual and/or audible notifications to a thermographer if an individual with elevated temperature is detected.
  • A high-quality thermal camera is capable of scanning large areas and differentiating up to 30 people at a time.
  • The process of screening is quick and non-contact, therefore, safe.

Cost Of Temperature Cameras

Are you ready to purchase a thermal temperature camera for your office? It’s a great way to adapt to these new conditions and avoid spreading COVID-19. A wireless camera with a temperature sensor will cost about $3,000. This high-quality device is accurate, quick, compatible with apps and includes a face-recognition tool and notifications. It’s ideal for high-traffic, public areas and is overall a worthwhile investment as we adjust to this new normal.