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Body Temperature Monitoring Devices

Smart Access Kiosk (comes w/Desktop Mount) / ADA Compliant

$799 Ex Tax: $799

A smart body temperature scanner with facial recognition and built-in notification system, the HealthGuard Technology Smart Access Kiosk provides safe..


Smart Access Kiosk (comes w/Wall Mount) / ADA Compliant

$749 Ex Tax: $749

The HealthGuard Technology Smart Access Kiosk is a body temperature reader with face recognition. It features a multi-use mounting system with desk st..


Smart Access Kiosk with 2-Foot Stand / ADA Compliant

$899 Ex Tax: $899

The Smart Access Kiosk with a 2-foot Stand is a body temperature scanner with face recognition. It offers quick and accurate temperature readings to s..


Smart Access Kiosk with 4-Foot Stand / ADA Compliant

$899 Ex Tax: $899

The HealthGuard Technology Smart Access Kiosk is engineered to scan body temperature, identify an individual’s face, and allow/disallow entry to emplo..


Smart Sanitizing Hub / ADA Compliant

$999 Ex Tax: $999

The Healthguard Technology Smart Sanitizing Hub is an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with face recognition and thermal scan. It offers temperature..


Thermal Security Camera

$2,499 Ex Tax: $2,499

The HealthGuard Technology Thermal Security Camera is designed for surveillance, identification of people’s faces, and detecting fever-like symptoms i..


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has seriously impacted people’s health, the economy, and businesses with varying degrees of severity. The world’s supply chains were disrupted, and the global market was negatively impacted as consumer and buyer demand changed. Some industries are lucky enough to have stronger defense, whereas others will have to struggle to revert back to “normal” conditions. Governments and businesses all over the world must respond to the Coronavirus crisis and adapt to the new normal.

Scientists state that the pandemic keeps evolving, and the threat won’t disappear. Therefore, organizations with public access must overcome a new challenge - secure customers, employees, and guests against Coronavirus contamination. Sanitizing hubs and temperature monitoring devices are a must-have there - using them means decreasing the risk of infection spread. Here we’re going to discuss the most convenient, time- and labor-saving body temperature monitoring devices suitable for high-traffic organizations and companies. These systems are an excellent way to quickly and efficiently detect fever and potential illness, taking the temperature of every person walking past them.

Types of Smart Body Temperature Monitoring Devices

If you have already searched for wireless body temperature monitoring devices, you know that there are lots of them available on the market, and it’s quite challenging to choose the right one. Below, you’ll find four main types of these systems that were tried out by many companies and proved to be effective, reliable, and convenient to use.

Infrared Scanners

During hard times like a pandemic, it’s crucial to scan body temperatures quickly and accurately. That’s why the infrared scanners are a critical part of the new normal. They allow fast, efficient, and non-contact temperature monitoring. A high-quality temperature monitoring device can identify people with elevated temperatures from between 3 to10 meters away. The videos and images with temperature data are displayed on the monitor. Such scanners come in different forms: it can be a portable, wireless body temperature monitoring device or full-body station for public places.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras have already been called “a magic bullet” for identifying individuals with fever-like symptoms. This system was created to monitor high-traffic areas, such as shopping centers, hospitals, office entrances, etc. The device features a facial detector, which helps to distinguish up to thirty people walking past it at a time. This tool not only recognizes individuals with elevated temperatures but also alerts staff so they can react to the situation. A thermal camera can distinguish repeat visitors, making it an effortless way to know who needs further monitoring.

Smart Kiosks

Smart kiosks are invaluable devices that automatically display a person’s temperature within seconds. They are non-contact and designed to be used at entrances of high-traffic areas. When an employee or visitor faces the screen, the kiosk identifies their presence, captures an image (optional), and scans their temperature. If a person has an elevated temperature, he/she will be notified as well as a thermographer and other personnel. Smart kiosks are convenient to use since they can be integrated with door access, gates, and turnstiles.

Smart Sanitizing Hubs

Hand sanitation is one of the best ways to stop the spread of germs as we fight the pandemic. That’s why smart sanitizing hubs are ideal to have in any entrance, hallway, or lobby of your building. Visitors can sanitize their hands while their temperature is checked, and if any fever symptoms are identified, personnel will be notified. Additionally, there is a facial recognition tool that can identify if a repeat visitor has a fever.

Capabilities Of The Smart Body Temperature Monitoring Devices

Smart body temperature devices are invaluable in today’s world. Everyone’s body temperature must be continuously monitored to stop the spread of COVID-19. That’s why we need these systems in every public place. So, why should your company purchase a temperature monitoring device? They’re highly accurate—readings are as reliable as +/-C. They monitor the temperature of each pixel on the image.

The best equipment can take temperatures from up to 10 meters away. They all include software that is compatible with mobile apps, and the system notifies personnel as soon as a person has fever symptoms. Most of the devices can be integrated into the Health-Guard Safety Portal and the company’s existing system. A thermographer can adjust a temperature range they deem acceptable. And the best monitoring devices have facial recognition features that only allow entry to verified visitors or employees. 

Benefits of Smart Body Temperature Monitoring Devices

High-quality temperature monitoring devices are quite expensive compared to   infrared temperature guns. So why make the jump to a pricier system? Smart body temperature monitoring devices are non-contact and fully automated to prevent any cross-contamination. The devices check temperatures quickly and efficiently with reliable results, saving you time and labor to keep your business running smoothly.

These devices don’t just take skin temperatures—they read fever symptoms, too. Overall, these systems are a great asset for any office or business. From temperature checks to sanitation and employee clock-ins, these devices are vital to creating a safe environment. We all win with constant temperature checks—let’s prevent the spread of COVID-19 together!