Smart Access Kiosk (comes w/Desktop Mount) / ADA Compliant
Smart Access Kiosk (comes w/Desktop Mount) / ADA Compliant
Smart Access Kiosk (comes w/Desktop Mount) / ADA Compliant

Smart Access Kiosk (comes w/Desktop Mount) / ADA Compliant

Smart Access Kiosk (comes w/Desktop Mount) / ADA Compliant

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A smart body temperature scanner with facial recognition and built-in notification system, the HealthGuard Technology Smart Access Kiosk provides safety and a modern atmosphere to any office space. It’s easy to use and there’s no need for installation or additional accessories making it a convenient, hassle-free safety precaution. Monitor the temperature of any individual who enters your space quickly and accurately.


  • Smart technology and leading-edge software
  • Advanced infrared thermal imaging technology and two million hardware wide dynamic resolution
  • Detects a face even if a person is wearing a mask
  • Facial recognition distance up to 2.6 feet
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: +/-0.5°F.
  • Thermographer can adjust temperature thresholds
  • Multi-faceted audio/visual alarm
  • SMS alarm notification when an individual with a higher temperature is detected
  • Industry-leading face verification and temperature monitoring processing time is less than one second
  • Supports data banks and tables with temperature recording (storage capacity is 20.000 profiles)
  • 3-in-1 no contact safety and security feature: temperature control, facial scanning, and unlocking your door
  • Quick and easy installation

Usage Scenarios

The Smart Access Kiosk face recognition tool and desktop stand is a multifunctional and convenient device. It can be placed at entrances, checkpoints, restricted areas - any place where only verified personnel are allowed to come in. Additional uses include employee tracking and time-in/time-out clock in procedures. It’s also suitable for waiting areas, receptions and lobbies in hotels, hospitals, schools, sporting centers, malls, public transport terminals, and airports.

Use a smart kiosk in your office and be sure that no one with a fever unknowingly exposes other people to the virus!

Camera Resolution 2 million hardware wide dynamic
Communication Mode Wired/wireless network
Face Recognition Distance 0.66-2.62 ft. (0.2m~0.8m)
Face Verification Accuracy ≥99%
Field of View 33°x33°
GPU Mail-T764
Input Power AC220V/110V compatible
Max Infrared Image Size ≥320*240.0.5m; Error of±0.3°
Measuring Range 86°F~113°F (30°C~45°C)
Operating System Android Standard
Pixel Interval 12um
Ports DC*1, RJ45*1,USB*2(OTG*1),HDMI*1, TF SD slot*1/audio*1
Processor Quad core RK3288 ARM-A17 1.8GH
Screen 8" IPS
Size 15x7x8 " (390x190x210 mm)
Storage Capacity 20,000 cards, 10W event records
Weight 11.3 lbs. (2.5 kg)
Work Environment Indoor
Working Humidity <90%RH
Working Temperature 50°F~86°F (10°C~30°C)
Stand Parameters
Size 13x11x3 " (320*280*72 mm)
Weight 4 lbs. (1.7 kg)

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