How It Works

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, authorities and business owners must do their best to protect employees and customers from the spread of this deadly virus. One of the ways to stop Coronavirus cross-contamination is constant temperature monitoring. Employees and clients in healthcare facilities, various organizations, and businesses often use a digital or infrared (IR) temperature gun to do so. They often use a digital or infrared (IR) temperature gun to do so.

At first sight, these devices do well thanks to their small size, portability, and fast readings. But, as experience shows, they are already outdated and inefficient when there is a constant flow of people. The main disadvantage of the temperature gun is that it needs a person who will operate it. It means that some of your employees (nurses, waiters, etc.) will have to stay at the entrance and check the temperature of each and every person entering the premises. This is a time- and labor-consuming procedure when your facility daily sees tens or even hundreds of employees, partners, and clients.

Today’s market offers more advanced and efficient solutions to check body temperature. These solutions meet all standards that business owners expect such as accuracy, fast operation, and a wide range of useful features. See our state-of-the-art technologies below!

Our Solutions

Up-to-date temperature scanners are a vital part today’s normal since everyone’s temperature must be taken accurately and as quickly as possible. Nobody wants to waste time waiting in lines, besides, let’s not forget about social distancing.


Smart fever detecting cameras are designed for surveillance and monitoring body temperature in large groups of people. There’s no need to stop and wait, people just walk past the device while it’s identifying individuals with elevated temperature. The system can record and store images and videos, plus, it sends notifications to personnel as soon as a person with a higher temperature has been detected.

Smart kiosks

Smart kiosks are one of the best devices to have installed at entrances. They boast a facial recognition feature and can be used as both an employee-tracking tool and temperature-checking device. A person briefly stops in front of the smart kiosk, the system detects the individual’s presence, then allows or disallows entry based on his/her health condition. If elevated body temperature is captured, the personnel receive alerts and can react accordingly. You can choose the most suitable device which will meet all your needs. You can choose the device that will best meet all your needs. This equipment can be wall-mounted, or you can choose from different sized stands.

Smart sanitizing hub

A smart sanitizing hub has a facial recognition feature and temperature checking gauge, as well as a smart kiosk. This device will notify the thermographer if a person with elevated body temperature is identified. But on top of that, employees and clients can sanitize their hands while being checked. We consider it an invaluable option during the pandemic. All smart sanitizing hubs come on a convenient stand.

Thermal metal detector

It’s a multi-functional walk-through arch with a metal detector, thermal scan, and face recognition. If you need to advance security in your office building, you won’t be able to find better equipment. Install a thermal metal detector at the entrance or checkpoint, and it’ll allow entry to only verified individuals, check body temperature, and detect metals. In addition, the system boasts audio and visual alarms.


As you can see, the above-mentioned solutions and temperature guns are not comparable. However, let’s sum up why our advanced systems are worth your attention:

  • They scan temperature accurately and quickly.
  • Our devices are non-contact, hence, safe.
  • They can measure temperature from between 3 to 10 meters.
  • They catch and store images and videos (optionally).
  • If the elevated temperature is detected, the system notifies an individual and personnel.
  • Our equipment comes in different forms, it can be wall-mounted, full-body height, or on a small stand.
  • The devices are compliant with HIPAA, ADA, and NDAA.

All in all, you’ll be able to find exactly what you are looking for because our solutions offer a wide range of helpful features, which are customizable as per your business needs.

Use Cases

As we all admit, smart temperature monitoring equipment is indispensable when it comes to identifying individuals with elevated body temperature. But how do you choose the system that’s best for your business? See recommendations from the security experts below!

Retail stores

A smart kiosk may be the best pick for retail stores. Since it has a facial recognition tool, you can use it for employee clock-ins, plus, the device will check their temperature before and after a workday. Your customers will be checked at the entrance as well. Monitoring will take seconds, so there won’t be any queues. With a smart kiosk, you’ll be sure that no one with fever-like symptoms is exposed to other customers in your store.

Gyms, fitness centers, and SPAs

If the facility is large and there is a significant flow of people, it’ll be wise to use a thermal or fever camera. The camera will deliver seamless and constant monitoring without disturbing your clients. The system will send notifications, record and store videos and images—everything you need to feel assured that the facility is safe for your employees and visitors. A smart sanitizing hub will also be a great addition to reception areas, hallways, and lounges. With this, guests can both check their temperatures and sanitize their hands.

Coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants

A smart sanitizing hub at the entrance of your café or restaurant is ideal for temperature monitoring and regular hand sanitation. This equipment has facial recognition features that can be used for employee tracking. With the smart sanitizing hub, your employees and customers will have peace of mind that you care about them and their safety.

Daycares, schools, colleges, and universities

These are high-traffic areas where you should double-check peoples’ safety. A thermal metal detector with face recognition will be the best pick here. Installed at the entrance or checkpoint, this device will identify an individual, inspect for metals, and check the temperature. It’s a solid 3-in-1 solution you can completely rely on. Obviously, cameras and smart sanitizing hubs will be a perfect addition to the overall security in such crowded venues.

Nowadays, a quick and accurate temperature check is a must and this situation won’t end so soon. Hence, business owners have to arm themselves with patience and smart temperature monitoring systems. All devices we mentioned above can be easily integrated with door access, gates, turnstiles, they can be placed indoors or outdoors, and are very convenient to use and maintain.

Use our smart temperature monitoring systems to overcome the crisis faster and make your facility a safe and pleasant place!