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Thermal Scanners

Smart Access Kiosk (comes w/Desktop Mount) / ADA Compliant

$799 Ex Tax: $799

A smart body temperature scanner with facial recognition and built-in notification system, the HealthGuard Technology Smart Access Kiosk provides safe..


Smart Access Kiosk with 4-Foot Stand / ADA Compliant

$899 Ex Tax: $899

The HealthGuard Technology Smart Access Kiosk is engineered to scan body temperature, identify an individual’s face, and allow/disallow entry to emplo..


Smart Sanitizing Hub / ADA Compliant

$999 Ex Tax: $999

The Healthguard Technology Smart Sanitizing Hub is an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with face recognition and thermal scan. It offers temperature..


Thermal Security Camera

$2,499 Ex Tax: $2,499

The HealthGuard Technology Thermal Security Camera is designed for surveillance, identification of people’s faces, and detecting fever-like symptoms i..


As the world navigates the current pandemic with uncertainty about what the future may bring, businesses and communities are eager to reopen and return to normalcy. While nothing is “normal” quite yet, technology has become a huge aid in ensuring proper safety measures are taken in offices, schools and businesses.

Currently, we’re seeing a nationwide demand for high-quality thermal scanners that monitor body temperatures. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), about 90% of people infected with COVID-19 are feverish—which is why it’s so important to continuously take temperatures in public spaces. Along with frequent hand washing and sanitizing, constant temperature monitoring is the most effective method to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. For this reason, a ground-breaking technology, thermal scanners, was developed and is now widely used by various companies and organizations. 


A thermal scanner (infrared or digital) is a safe, non-invasive, contactless device that checks, records, and produces an accurate analysis of people’s skin temperatures and sends visual and/or audio notifications to the personnel to react accordingly. The device captures heat emitted by the human body. For example, if a person has a high temperature, their skin will look brighter to the camera. The best thermal imaging detector is as accurate as one-tenth of a degree. It poses no risk to people’s health since no radiation is involved. If the scanner detects the higher temperature, then health providers conduct virus-specific tests.

How Thermal Scanners Can Prevent Coronavirus Contamination

Many public health experts have concluded that thermal scanners are helpful in stopping the spread of Coronavirus. Some skeptics note that a thermal imaging scanner isn’t a medical instrument, so it can’t prevent virus contamination. While it doesn’t replace testing and social distancing, it’s still a useful way to monitor body temperatures.

These devices are exceptionally useful and reliable in monitoring people’s temperatures quickly and accurately. The digital, thermal scanner minimizes physical contact so workers can maintain social distancing measures during high traffic times like shift changes. Overall, a quality thermal imaging camera detector placed at entrances, waiting areas, and other high-traffic areas is a huge step in stopping the spread of this deadly virus.

Types Of Thermal Scanners

Are you ready to choose a thermal scanner camera for your office? There are several types to choose from, including handheld, wall-mounted, and stationary. Handled, or thermal guns, are perfect for at-home use or for small businesses with few employees and visitors. Thermal guns aren’t, however, good for big companies, where they’ll be time and labor consuming.

Wall-mounted and stationary equipment, including smart kiosks, thermal cameras, fever detecting smart cameras, and smart sanitizing hubs, is perfect for offices with high traffic. While wall-mounted and stationary devices are both great choices, you’ll have to decide which will work best in your office.

Wall-mounted infrared thermal scanners (smart kiosk, fever detecting camera, thermal camera) can scan groups, distinguish up to 30 people and detect individuals with elevated temperatures. Some scanners can also be used discreetly. A wall-mounted system is perfect for crowded venues like airports, transport terminals, schools, museums, concert halls, offices, hospitals, etc.—any place where large groups need to be monitored at the same time.

A stationary thermo scanner (smart kiosk, smart sanitizing hub) is ideal as an employee-tracking tool or self-temperature-checking device. This equipment can prohibit potentially ill employees or visitors from entering your facility. Both types of thermal scanners notify a thermographer if someone with a higher temperature is identified. Overall, wall-mounted devices work best for crowds and large areas, while stationary ones are great for checkpoints, waiting areas, salons, etc.


Thermal scanners are quite expensive—some can even cost close to $30,000. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable options on the market that offer the same reliable quality. For example, you can find a smart kiosk for $2,400-$2,900, a fever detecting smart camera for $2,400, a thermal camera for $3,000 and a smart sanitizing hub for $3,200. Whatever thermal scanner you choose, it will be a worthwhile investment to keep your employees, partners, and customers safe from COVID-19.


Whether you purchase a wall-mounted or stationary IR thermal scanner, it will have these same helpful capabilities.

  • Thermal scanners are fully automated and non-contact - it means no hazard of cross-contamination.
  • The device will provide instant desktop or mobile alerts to specific recipients.
  • The body health scanner is capable of allowing/disallowing individuals based on their health condition.
  • The tool is accurate and reliable - the readings are exact - about +/-1C.
  • It can be integrated into the HealthGuard Safety Portal and the organization's security system.
  • Some of the best thermal scanners can identify not only body temperature but also fever-like symptoms.
  • A thermographer can establish temperature thresholds.
  • High-quality equipment features a facial-recognition tool to distinguish employees & visitors and prohibit potentially ill individuals from entering.
  • It can only allow verified visitors and employees.
  • All thermal scanners have the software and are compatible with apps.

In conclusion, thermal scanners make detecting individuals with higher temperatures straightforward. That's how these devices help to fight the spread of COVID-19. Numerous experts and business owners have admitted their effectiveness. So, why not consider one of these excellent systems for your office!