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Walk-Through Metal Detectors

Thermal Metal Detector

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The HealthGuard Technology Thermal Metal Detector is a multi-function scanner featuring a walk-through metal detector with face recognition and therma..


At airports, all passengers must walk through a metal detector security gate. These same types of security devices can also safeguard the public in places like government offices, shopping centers, schools, sporting events, concert venues, etc. They serve as a part of the entire security system, which consists of door access control, cameras, and an emergency-paging network, and can be installed indoors or outdoors. So, what exactly is a walk-through metal detector? It’s a safe, effective security tool that searches a person’s body when they walk through. Just like door access control and the IP camera, the metal detector gate adds huge value to total safety and security. Plus, it’s a non-intrusive and fast way of monitoring people.

Some of the best walk through security metal detectors include a tool to check people’s body temperatures and allow/deny entry based on the results. Such features are invaluable in the conditions of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As we all know, continuous temperature monitoring can stop the spread of Coronavirus. Our team, with the help of security experts, has created this article to help you better understand metal security gates. Here we'll describe their useful features, purposes of use, general principles of operation, and cost. Learn everything you need to know about walk through metal detectors before making a purchase!

How Metal Detector Gates Work

Nowadays, metal detectors play a significant role in our lives, even though we don't notice it. They are used not only for security but also for research, item recovery, archeological exploration, and even for hobbies. In time metal detectors have come a long way. They utilize the law described by James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879), a Scottish physicist; he found out that electricity and magnetism are related. An excellent example of this relation is a coil of copper wire rolled around a metal pin. The metal pin becomes magnetized as soon as the current is applied to the coil. When the electric impulse is going through a coil of copper wire, it produces a magnetic field. Once the magnetic field "touches" something metal, it reflects back. Thus we can detect it using another coil of wire. The timing and size of the detected impulse are used to identify the size and location of the object.

Modern walk-through metal detectors utilize pulse induction (PI) technology, which sends short and powerful impulses of current through a coil of wire. Every impulse creates a short magnetic field. When a metal object comes through the magnetic field, a reflected magnetic field is generated; it, in turn, triggers a receiver coil that reacts with the alerting system. This spike continues several microseconds and causes a current to run through the coil. A typical metal detector sends around 100 impulses per second; however, the number of impulses may vary from 25 to 1.000 per second depending on the model and manufacturer. The device creates large magnetic fields inside the archway. If an individual goes through a detector and activates the alarm, security gets a notification, and further investigation is carried out.

A premium-quality metal detector walk-through gate has multiple zones that will not only activate the alarm but also detect where the metal object is positioned. We often get asked how much electricity a walk through metal detector consumes. Well, the good news is that it runs on standard 120V and doesn't consume more power than an ordinary computer. Additionally, there’s no need to buy any extras for the basic operation unless you’d like to upgrade it. 

Are Metal Security Gates Safe For People's Health?

Magnetic fields produced by metal detectors are a kind of radiation. However, this radiation is non-ionizing, so it doesn’t induce biological damage; even repeat exposure isn’t hazardous to a person’s health. This equipment poses no risk to pregnant women and people who live with implanted defibrillators or pacemakers. The majority of metal detectors work on a low frequency; that's why they are not dangerous. To tell the truth, some items that people use daily (computer monitors, cell phones, etc.) are more harmful than metal detector gates.

Where Walk-through Metal Detectors Are Used

We are used to seeing walk through metal detectors in airports; however, it's not the only place where such equipment may be helpful. Nowadays, there are lots of walk through metal detectors for sale that are suitable for schools, office buildings, sporting events, concerts, theatres, and other high-traffic areas. You can even find a portable walk-through metal detector!

These multi-zone devices are engineered to keep people safe from metal weapons. But that’s not their only use! As we mentioned above, metal detectors can also be combined with a temperature monitoring tool. This equipment can be extremely useful at any entrance or checkpoint. This way, security guards can scan for metal items on a person while simultaneously checking their temperature—condensing the processes into one. Additionally, this 2-in-1 solution saves business owners money by only purchasing one device.


All walk-through metal detectors come with a manual to help with installation! However, assembly and adjustments won’t be too complicated—it’ll only take about 30 minutes. Here is a general guide:

  • Have a person or two to assist you since any metal detector security gate is quite bulky and heavy.
  • Screw up control unit and side panels together - all needed stuff like threaded bolts, Allen wrench, keys, cord, etc., you'll find in the package.
  • Unlock a control unit door with keys from the package. Inside you'll find 2 signal cord connectors and a power cord connector.
  • Plug them into the ports on the inner sides of the control unit.
  • Lock the door.
  • Place the device where it's supposed to be and turn it on.

Your metal detector gate is ready to operate. Although assembly is not too difficult, it's always better to invite a professional to install and adjust the equipment.

Cost Of The Walk-through Metal Detectors

Are you interested in a security archway? It’s an excellent investment that will guarantee safety in your office. As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to be a threat, nothing is more valuable than your employee’s lives. That’s why many business owners choose metal security gates—they’re an ideal solution for entrances and can be integrated into daily routines like employee clock-ins and temperature checks.

So how much does a walk-through metal detector cost? The good news is that safety and security don’t always have a hefty price tag. Although you can find equipment that costs up to $30,000, there’s a cheaper option available—about $6,000—for the same high quality. Plus, it’s combined with a temperature monitoring tool and face recognition feature. This device is one of the best on the market, so why not make it part of your company security plan?

Additional Capabilities Of The Walk-through Metal Detectors

Are you ready to purchase a metal detector gate? It’s a worthwhile investment that creates a lower-risk environment for workers, partners, suppliers, and clients, which in turn, will boost employee productivity. Check out the main capabilities of walk-through metal detectors:

  • The equipment assembly, maintenance, and parts replacement are simple and easy.
  • The devices automatically count individuals and notifications.
  • Up to 8 hours of backup battery.
  • Only verified personnel can enter the control panel.
  • LED and sound notifications positioned on both side panels indicate exactly where metal is detected.
  • Walk-through gates are entirely safe for operators and people.
  • They are harmless to pregnant women and people with heart pacemakers, magnetic storage media, etc.
  • The best devices have a facial recognition tool to identify and only allow/deny verified clients and employees. Additionally, they can be combined with a temperature scanner.
  • The devices can be integrated into the HealthGuard Safety Portal and the organization's existing system.
  • They are contactless - no risk of infection or contamination.
  • The systems are highly reliable and accurate.
  • A thermographer can adjust temperature thresholds.
  • The equipment has software and is compatible with apps.

To sum up, walk through metal detectors offer an effective and safe way to enforce security in all public, crowded places - airports, government offices, business offices, schools, etc. Just make sure to buy the best option, which is capable of detecting both metal and elevated temperatures. It will not only secure the public from the threat of weapons but also from the spread of COVID-19.