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By buying employee and customer health monitoring solutions on HealthGuardTech.com, you protect yourself from unexpected delays. We offer a wide variety of solutions including long and short-range cameras, metal detectors, time clock solutions, facial recognition, and many other devices that utilize infrared technology to detect elevated body temperatures and potential fever.
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We have access to a wide variety of temperature monitoring products. If nothing in our current line meets the needs of your organization, we will find the best product for you at the absolute best price. Our safety experts are constantly monitoring new trends and technologies coming to the market to provide you with the best solutions.
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Body Temperature Monitoring Systems

Unfortunately, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has seriously impacted the global economy. Governments and business owners all over the world are doing their best to flatten the curve and slow the spread. As businesses start opening back up, they’re constantly looking for new ways to safely operate while we try to return to normalcy. Countries are adopting different programs to ease and relax lockdown measures—but the crisis isn’t over yet. The virus is still evolving, and the pandemic continues to have serious economic ramifications.

Nevertheless, businesses are trying hard to navigate new challenges, like rapidly responding to new customer demand patterns and addressing the needs of employees, partners, vendors, and guests. One of the most critical steps to stopping the spread of COVID-19 is continuously monitoring everyone’s body temperatures. This means remote temperature monitoring systems are a must at entrances, waiting areas, hallways, retailers, and companies. HealthGuard Technology offers various body temperature monitoring systems for businesses to protect their customers, employees, and guests against the Coronavirus.

Temperature Monitoring Systems

Why Using Human Body Monitoring Systems Is Important During The Pandemic

Now that offices and public places are reopening, the fear of a further COVID-19 breakout remains at the forefront of business owners’ minds. Authorities, public health experts, and bioethicists continue to observe infection rates and medical caseloads, but the virus still exists and keeps evolving—so we need to do our best to keep everyone safe. Body temperature monitoring systems play a key role in detecting a potential illness; as we all know, an elevated temperature is the first sign of COVID-19 and other infections. Therefore, having the right equipment is one of the most effective ways to keep a pandemic under control. That’s why body temperature monitoring systems must be integrated at every entrance and other high-traffic areas.

Capabilities Of Smart Body Temperature Monitoring Systems

As we adapt to new and uncertain conditions to stay safe, the right body temperature monitoring system means a lot. To avoid the spread of Coronavirus and other viruses, this equipment should be integrated at all entrances, waiting areas, and workplaces. What are the main capabilities of smart body temperature monitoring systems?

  • Whether you buy a wired or wireless temperature monitoring system, it will still be fully automated and non-contact - it means no hazard of infection transmission.
  • The majority of the systems are permitted to be integrated into the HealthGuard Safety Portal and the organization’s existing system.
  • The equipment is highly reliable and precise - the readouts are as accurate as +/-1C.
  • Some of the best systems catch not only skin temperature but the fever symptoms.
  • They check the temperature of every pixel on the image.
  • The premium-quality devices can take the temperature from up to ten meters away.
  • All smart body temperature monitoring systems send notifications to a thermographer as soon as a person with the potential illness is identified.
  • An acceptable temperature range can be adjusted.
  • The best systems have a facial-recognition tool to identify and only let entry to confirmed guests and employees.

They all feature software and are compatible with apps. Business owners can’t go wrong with purchasing smart body temperature monitoring systems since it’s an investment in people’s health. As we know, people are the most valuable resource for employers. With the right devices, we can abolish the risk, increase confidence, and combat COVID-19 in workplaces - everything that our employees need.

Temperature Monitoring Systems

How Businesses Can Protect Their Employees From COVID-19

Having healthy employees in your workplace is half the battle, especially during a pandemic. So creating a lower-risk environment for workers is the very first step that must be taken, even before opening offices. A safe environment can be achieved by installing stationary temperature monitoring systems with face recognition (e.g., smart kiosks, smart sanitizing hubs, fever detecting smart cameras) at the entrance and hand sanitizers at workplaces, hallways, canteens, and toilets. There is no need to discuss how important it is to sanitize hands as often as possible - everybody knows that. As for a remote temperature monitoring system with a face recognition tool, it was created not only to catch the elevated temperature but also to identify individuals (it can be used for daily clock-ins), capture the images, and notify a thermographer if a person has fever-like symptoms. Such equipment is quick, accurate, and convenient to use, making it a perfect tool to hinder the virus in workplaces.

How Businesses Can Protect Their Customers From COVID-19

Authorities and businesses have to protect not just their employees, but also their customers, visitors, and guests. The typical measures are important—frequent hand sanitizing and temperature monitoring—but crowded places need something more. Wall-mounted temperature monitoring systems, like thermal security cameras, are great for high-traffic areas. They can distinguish up to 30 people walking past at a time and can detect people who have a potential fever. This core body temperature monitoring system features a face-recognition tool that can recognize repeat visitors who need further monitoring. When it comes to keeping clients, partners, and vendors safe against virus spread, it’s hard to find a better tool than a thermal security camera.

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