Thermal Metal Detector

Thermal Metal Detector

Thermal Metal Detector

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The HealthGuard Technology Thermal Metal Detector is a multi-function scanner featuring a walk-through metal detector with face recognition and thermal scan. This one-stop, contactless checkpoint is the security device you need to bring your building security to the next level. In addition, a face recognition tool can be adjusted to permit entry to only verified individuals, making the device ideal for government halls, banks, airports, stadiums, malls, and more.

Add the security gate with metal detector and facial recognition thermal camera to your entrances to provide additional security for your building. Save time and money by checking visitors' health condition and if they have metal on their person in a single device. The device will alert your security personnel of any individual entering is carrying metal or has an elevated body temperature. Locations looking to improve overall security or looking at replacing their existing metal detection units should strongly consider this option. This device is eligible for integration to the HealthGuard Safety Portal and custom integrations to your existing systems (additional charges apply).


  • Reliable Android Operating System
  • Face Recognition Accuracy: 99%
  • Large, 8-inch HD display 
  • 2-million smart wide dynamic resolution sensor designed for complex lighting situations
  • Temperature readings are as accurate as +/-0.5°F
  • Scanning Distance: 12-20 inches
  • Display notifications and audio/visual alerts are triggered when individuals with elevated body temperatures are detected
  • Internet: wired, WiFi, 4G
  • 6-area metal detection feature
  • Audio alert and bright LED alarm metal indicator
  • Automatic statistics of alarm times and the number of people coming through the security gate
  • The device features a huge storage capacity - 150.000 records and 20.000 faces database.

Usage Scenarios

Such equipment is engineered to provide the highest level of security by eliminating both the threat of weapons and virus contamination. It should be used in airports, customs ports, public transport terminals, government buildings, office buildings, banks, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, and other high-traffic public places.

Add the walk-through metal detector with face recognition and thermal scanner to an entrance or checkpoint to enforce the security of your office building!

Adjustable sensitivity Level 100 sensitivity adjustable, according to the demand of 0-99 arbitrary adjustment
Authentication Mode Face recognition, temperature detection, optional IC, ID card
Camera Resolution 2 million wide dynamic, in vivo dual photography, strong backlight resistance
Communication Mode Wired network, WIFI, optional 4G
Input Power AC 110-240V
Installation Vertical
Measuring Range 32°F ~ 122°F (0°C ~ 50°C)
Operating System Android 7.1.2
Password Protection Working parameters with password protection function, to prevent unauthorized personnel arbitrary modification
Ports USB RJ45 RS232 TTL reset switch WIFI antenna interface
Power Consumption < 40W
Probe Zone Location Six area metal detection, sound and bright LED alarm indication
Screen Capacitive touch screen, 8-inch a-gauge LCD (16:10)
Size 31x87x26 " (800x2220x670 mm)
Speaker Power 8Ω5W
Standby Power Loss < 5W
Storage Capacity 20,000 faces database and 150,000 records
Storage Humidity 0% ~ 65%RH
Storage Temperature 14°F ~ 140°F (-10°C ~ 60°C)
Strong Anti-Interference Microprocessor digital control, strong anti-interference, automatic statistics of passengers numbers and alarm times
Temperature Accuracy ±32@86 ±33@122 (±0.2@30CM ±0.3@50CM)
Working Humidity 0% ~ 90%RH
Working Temperature 50°F ~ 95°F (10°C ~ 35°C)
Working Voltage DC12V±20%

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