How are thermal cameras useful in the workplace?

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While vaccine distribution is now a top priority for lawmakers across the nation, businesses are still trying to figure out how to reopen safely. Nearly a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s still uncertainty around how to safely gather, work, and enjoy a night out together. Of course, these things are still happening everywhere—restaurants are serving customers, businesses are operating on a smaller scale in person and focusing heavily on remote work, and families and friends are coming together in a more distanced fashion to spend time together. We’ve all had to adapt and find new ways to do the things that once came so naturally to us. Although some businesses are working completely remotely, others have adopted a hybrid model, having half their employees come in one day and the other half the next. Other essential businesses have no choice but to operate in person every day. Luckily, there’s a tool available to monitor employee temperatures for a safer work environment.

Benefits of thermal cameras during the COVID-19 pandemic

There are a number of advantages to using thermal cameras during the COVID-19 pandemic. The most obvious advantage to having these devices in your business is preventing sick employees from entering the building. But the way that these specific devices work is even more impressive and useful during these times. Thermal cameras are available in self operating models, meaning you don’t need a person managing the device. This saves you the hassle of taking an employee away from their main job to take temperatures and saves you money you might have spent hiring outside help for the job. Additionally, thermal cameras read temperatures in seconds, so there’s no worry that a line will form and ruin social distancing measures. Sound convenient? It is. Plus, these devices are actually more accurate than handheld thermometers, which require close contact and aren’t always fast. As far as temperature measurement goes, thermal cameras are a top choice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Challenges of thermal cameras during the COVID-19 pandemic

Monitoring temperatures in the workplace is definitely a decent safety precaution, however, thermal cameras have their downfalls in the fight against COVID-19. For starters, thermal cameras can’t actually detect whether a person has the virus or not. Those who are positive may or may not have a fever, so while detecting fevers can make for a safer workspace, it won’t necessarily stop someone with the virus from entering, unless they have a fever.

Amp up safety in your workplace with a HealthGuard thermal camera

No piece of technology comes without its faults, but there’s no doubt that frequent temperature checks are one of the best things we can do to encourage a safe workplace right now. If you’re still operating without a reliable temperature monitoring system, it’s time to invest in an efficient product. Set up a call with one of our HealthGuard reps today for more information!


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