How accurate are smart temperature readers?

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Lockdowns, limited capacity measures, and social distancing: these three things have impacted the way we work, dine, visit with one another and generally move through life. And even with such strict measures in place, COVID-19 continues to impact areas across the country every day. Since a total lockdown isn’t an option anymore, as many businesses are still fighting to stay afloat from previous or current restrictions, it’s important to continue finding new ways to increase safety measures for both employees and customers. One great way to do this is with smart temperature readers. Since a fever is a common initial symptom of COVID-19, taking the temperature of everyone who enters your facility is a good way to combat the spread. While it’s certainly not the only measure you should take, it’s a simple one to put in place when you figure out what device is best for your business.

How accurate are smart temperature readers?

When used correctly, non-contact, smart temperature readers work just as accurately as regular oral thermometers. This is more important now than ever before, because it allows mass temperature readings to be conducted without another person present, so social distancing can remain in place and temperatures can be read quickly and accurately. Our HealthGuard temperature devices are as accurate as +/-.5 degrees fahrenheit, so you can be certain that anyone entering your building doesn’t have a fever.

Benefits of non-contact smart temperature reading devices:

  • These devices can quickly and accurately measure the temperature of anyone entering your facility without contact. Some devices, like thermal temperature cameras, can even measure the temperatures of groups of 30 or more at once, alerting personnel if a fever is detected.
  • These devices require minimal cleaning between uses. Many devices can simply be set up at an entrance point and left alone for periods of time, sanitizing the surfaces intermittently throughout the day to maintain optimal cleanliness.
  • These devices may reduce the spread of COVID-19 by detecting fevers in anyone attempting to enter your facility.

It’s important to have other measures in place too because:

  • COVID-19 infections can be present without a fever.
  • Fever-reducing drugs could prevent a fever from showing up on the device.
  • Other illnesses can cause a fever to show up.

Why are smart temperature readers a better option?

You might still feel a little apprehensive towards purchasing an infrared temperature camera. Why spend a little extra money when a handheld device can do the same thing? Well, for starters, it doesn’t do the same thing. The capabilities of smart temperature readers goes beyond a more accurate thermometer. Many smart temperature devices can be used as clock-in systems for employees. You can even program the device to recognize certain faces and deny entry to anyone not programmed into the system. They can also be used as security cameras, recording and storing footage that you can access later from your Safety Portal account. The point is, these devices are extremely practical. Temperature taking might be the biggest concern right now, and who knows, maybe it always will be. But when everyone is finally vaccinated and we’re back to business as usual, your smart temperature device will still be a worthwhile investment.

Equip your business with the tools to stay healthy

With vaccine distribution underway, we finally have a glimpse of hope that this health crisis could be under control later this year. This doesn’t mean we need to stop taking precautions. We all need to continue to do our part—as people and as businesses.

If you’re a business owner looking to increase your safety measures at your office, restaurant, or retailer, get in touch with our HealthGuard experts to find out how our smart devices will increase safety at your facility.


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