How do infrared thermometers work?

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There’s a lot of different thermometers around these days. Since most workplaces and businesses have realized that frequent temperature taking is an important measure in the fight against COVID-19, everyone is trying different techniques and devices to see what works best. You may have heard the words “infrared thermometers” thrown around, and that’s because these particular devices have become somewhat of a staple during this pandemic. Some are handheld and others are hands free, but all of them give accurate results in seconds, which is exactly what places need on hand.

How do laser (infrared) thermometers measure temperature?

This answer is a bit scientific, but to put it simply, humans are made of molecules. These molecules are constantly vibrating, and while they’re vibrating they produce an invisible light called infrared energy. This is what the thermometer is measuring when it takes a temperature. It converts the infrared energy it measures into a temperature reading, and produces the result on the device within seconds—all without ever making physical contact with the object.

When should you use an infrared thermometer?

Infrared thermometers are simple, effective tools that are great for everyday use. They come in many different models including temperature cameras, smart kiosks, and metal detectors, so you can choose what’s best for your business’s environment. These devices read temperatures in seconds to quickly accept or deny a person’s entry. They don’t require another person for use—simply set your device up at an entranceway and let it do the hard work for you. Feel assured that you’re doing your best to protect all employees and guests against the spread of COVID-19 with effective, reliable infrared thermometers.

Useful during the pandemic and beyond

It’s no secret that thermometers have been a huge help in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. While a fever isn’t the only symptom of the virus, it’s a common one—about 78% of infected people experience one. Because of this high probability, taking temperatures in workplaces, restaurants, and retailers is an effective way to slow the spread. Thermometers are a worthwhile investment during the pandemic, and they’ll be just as useful afterwards. For one thing, it’s likely many places will continue taking safety measures, like taking temperatures, even after vaccination reaches its peak. If we can continue to stop the spread of any virus, even just the common cold, there’s no reason not to when we have the tools. These devices will also be effective as clock-in and employee tracking systems.

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