Infrared temperature guns vs. temperature screening kiosks

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Businesses everywhere are working hard to implement reliable safety precautions so that they can stay open and keep employees and customers safe during the ongoing pandemic. Luckily, new research and developments are coming to light every day and giving business owners better insights into the best safety measures available. We’ve known that taking temperatures is an important action in fighting the Novel Coronavirus, and now we know that there are smarter, more precise ways to check temperatures, too. Investing in products that efficiently read body temperatures while saving you time and money is crucial during this time.

The problem with infrared temperature guns

Infrared temperature scanners are a popular go-to temperature device, and for good reason. They’re affordable, portable, and they read temperatures quickly. There are a few big problems with using these devices at schools, offices, and retailers, though. For one, infrared temperature guns aren’t the most accurate option. Many factors can influence the outcome of the reading, including clothing, drafts, direct sunlight, and cold air.

Another huge concern with these devices is that they waste valuable time and money. Although the thermometers read temperatures in seconds, it’s still necessary for a person to stop and wait for the reading to appear. This means in public places like schools or businesses, a big group can easily form, wasting time and making it hard to social distance. Additionally, infrared temperature guns require a person to operate them. This means you either have to take an employee away from their main job, or you have to hire an extra body to manage the device. Either way, this costs extra money that you likely don’t want to spend right now. Although temperature guns may seem like a smart economical choice, they can quickly become a costly one.

Why are temperature screening kiosks the best option?

Although many businesses and schools have switched to fully or partially remote work

alternatives, many don’t have the ability to operate that way. This means business owners are in search of the best devices around to ensure they can keep their businesses open while keeping everyone safe. Temperature screening kiosks are a popular, reliable option for reading temperatures in public places. These devices are accurate, simple to use, and offer a variety of benefits that make them a top choice for temperature checks.

Safe and secure

Temperature screening kiosks are non-contact, self-operating devices, making them an ideal choice for businesses everywhere. They read temperatures in seconds and allow or deny entry based on the result. If a high temperature is detected, all administrators in your system receive a notification instantly, and the person is denied entry into the building. Since kiosks use facial detection to scan for a temperature, you can use them as a clock-in system at your office, too. It’s easy to program users into your system and see everyone’s time of entry, temperature, if they’re wearing a mask, and more. With so many other features besides temperature monitoring, these devices are worth the investment and will continue to be useful at your business long after the pandemic ends.

Easy to use

If you’re going to bring a new device into your office or business, you want something that’s simple to use and doesn’t feel intrusive. Ideally, you’ll have a device that doesn’t disrupt the flow of traffic or change up people’s regular routines. Temperature kiosks meet all of these requirements. Simply place them at all points of entry, and everyone entering your building can quickly and easily have their temperature read in seconds. Having temperature kiosks in your office, school, or retailers gives all visitors, customers, students, and employees peace of mind that you’re doing your best to keep them safe and healthy. No one should have to wait in long lines, and there’s no reason to take staff away from their main job. Temperature kiosks are a smart choice for every type of business, from schools and offices to restaurants and retailers.

Models for every environment

Not only are temperature kiosks easy to use, they also come in a variety of sizes and models to fit your specific needs. From standard to child-height stands, wall-mounts to countertop units, these devices are available in a variety of models, so you can choose what works best for your business.

Make the smart choice

When it comes to body temperature measuring devices, there are a lot of options out there. It’s easy to be drawn to the cheapest devices, like infrared temperature guns, but the reality is, no one knows when this pandemic will end. It’s better to invest in reliable technology, so you can feel confident that every safety measure put in place is top of the line. Plus, the best temperature screening kiosks come with features that will be useful beyond the public health crisis. Research your options and decide what temperature kiosk is best for your business.

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